SMstudy® Faculty for Virtual Classes

The success of any training greatly depends on the proficiency of the instructor. We owe our high success rate and consistently great student feedback to the quality of our instructors. All our instructors are experienced faculty of VMEdu and co-authors of the Digital Marketing Body of Knowledge (DMBOK). Their practical examples and real life personal experiences make it easier for students to understand and appreciate even the most complex concepts.

Before teaching any Digital Marketing class, each instructor goes through a rigorous SMstudy® "Train-the-Trainer" program about adult learning techniques required to make their classes interesting, enjoyable and enriching. An SMstudy® faculty has more than 400 hours of teaching experience.

We would like you to go through the profiles of our faculty. We assure you that no other training provider can match the quality of our faculty. (Some low quality training institutes do not even mention the names of their faculty in their websites!)

Nathan Anderson

Nathan has been running his own companies, or major aspects of other startup companies, for the last 22 years. He has held the position of CEO, President, Chief Marketing Officer, VP of Marketing, and Director of Search Marketing for some really great small to medium-sized internet based companies. The last 12 have been all online marketing. Nathan specializes in Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Online Software Development, Online Reputation Management and Public Speaking.