Guest Blogging

Posted by SMstudy® on October 21, 2016 | Digital Marketing (DM)

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Guest blogging is a method used by companies to increase website traffic and support the brand and reputation of the business. Guest blogging involves the creation and posting of content to be published on related blogs.

Guest blogging can work in one of two ways:

  • An industry expert can be invited to write a post to appear on the company’s blog— In this scenario, an expert in the industry is invited to post a blog on the company’s existing website. Guest bloggers with a strong reputation in the industry can add credibility and quality to the website content, supporting the brand and improving the reputation of the business. Such arrangements can in fact provide mutual support if the company brand is strong and the invited blogger is well known. Both parties in this instance enhance their reputation through their affiliation with other strong brands and leadership in the industry. For example, a pharmaceutical company may request a medical expert to post an entry to its blog providing an endorsement of a particular product or to describe his or her experience using the product with successful results.
  • The company can write a post to appear on an external blog— Most companies use external blogs to achieve the following main goals:
  • To position the company as a credible source of expertise
  • To build name recognition within its industry
  • To drive traffic to the company’s website
  • To increase the number of backlinks to the company’s website

It is important to find credible and relevant websites that match a company’s objectives. If positioning the company as an industry leader or driving traffic to the company’s website is the primary goal, then blogs that have a good-sized and engaged audience need to be identified. If building backlinks is the main goal, then blogs with strong root domain authority must be identified. For example, a global cloud computing company can encourage its employees to write guest posts at TechCrunch, Google Code blog, and other sites.

In both cases it is important that the blog topic and content should be relevant, authentic, and interesting for the target audience. A guest blog simply promoting a product or brand is unlikely to be as successful as a blog that provides valuable information to customers. The content should also match a company’s niche or industry. For example, an interesting blog on current fashion trends from an established fashion designer will not be useful for an IT company. Guest blogging is an effective way of enhancing brand reputation if a company can find relevant websites/experts and content.

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