Email marketing tips that you should not ignore

Posted by SMstudy® on April 30, 2019 | Digital Marketing (DM)

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Email marketing tips that you should not ignore

Driving more traffic to your website, getting more sales, increasing social media followers; every business has certain objectives when it comes to email marketing. You may also want to get more effective outcomes from your promotional campaigns.

Whether you have a service website, blog, or have an online store, email is a very effective way of staying connected with existing customers. Here are some email marketing tips that you can incorporate to enhance your promotional campaigns.

1)    No experimenting in the sender field

Maintaining the sender field consistently will make it easier and more convenient for readers to see the sender of the email. This is crucial as it is the first thing that readers will look at even before going through the email.

2)    Have an attractive subject line

The next thing that readers pay a lot of attention to is the subject line. Invest a good amount of time to create an attractive and sensible subject line. Originality is the thing that needs to be given priority. Keep it crisp and short. Talk to your readers about their needs, fears, ambitions, desires or doubts.

3)    Personalize your email

If you happen to know your reader’s name, make use of different email promotional software for having a good email list. This can also be used in the main message of your email body for engaging your readers. Just be careful of not overdoing it. Putting the name of your reader in every line might feel creepy. Your objective is to appear natural.

4)    Offer value

There is a high probability that your readers do not care about the new staff in your company. All that they care is what solution you provide. When our email has valuable solutions as offers, people go through the entire emails.

5)     Place call to action and relevant links

You definitely want your articles and blogs to be read by the target audience. Ensure to include hyperlinks and call to action buttons in the email. Do not expect the audience to do guesswork. You also need to ensure that your emails are mobile optimized so as have maximum reach. This is an important aspect as more than 80% of the audience are active on smartphone or use android. Having mobile-optimized emails will assist in the flawless functioning of the email marketing on cell phones.

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