Instagram Marketing- The ‘Not’ To DOs

Posted by SMstudy® on February 08, 2019 | Digital Marketing (DM)

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Instagram Marketing- The ‘Not’ To DOs

Year 2019, and almost every 3 out of 5 persons own an Instagram account. Such is the hype of this social media platform that it almost feels unnatural to discover an individual who is not  in it!

With a majority of the world population active on Instagram, it easily becomes one of the most sought after advertising platforms for brands, both big and small.  That being said, in this article we shall bring into light the most common mistakes brands should avoid while promoting themselves on Instagram.

Focusing on quantity rather than quality

When it comes to publishing posts it is very natural to be eager at posting everything you know, and trying to push all of it to your audience. In the haste to achieve this, the focus shifts on the number of posts rather than the quality of posts, which in the long run has an adverse effect on your engagement ratio.

Fix: With information at your disposal, it is highly recommended that you develop post categories and divide your information accordingly. Place just one type of information in one post, and advisably not more. This gives an order to your post types, over which your audience’s attention never saturates.

Complicating Hashtags

The want of having a quirky and unique Hashtag on your post is what the game of hashtags is supposed to be. However, a complicated and lengthy Hashtag completely backfires as audiences find it too time taking and effort absorbing. They simply overlook it.

Fix: Hashtags are meant to be an interesting combination of simple words, mostly two to three and #NotMore.

Not  interacting with audience

Even for the most famous of pages, if the audiences feel their voices and opinions aren’t being heard, slowly the page engagement goes down.

Fix: Although it is not possible to reply to every feedback you receive on your posts, it is highly recommendable to reply to some of the genuine comments on your posts. It is equally important for the replies to be genuine and query based.  This makes your audience feel a bit personal about your page and its posts.

Preaching things up

When all your posts are about your own products and how good they are,  the attention around them reduces over time.

Fix: It is always advisable to not take your brand or product too seriously. Have a mix of post categories, and subtly market your features and USPs via meaningful interactions.

Forcing the stats

Matching projected stats of followers, reach, and likes is one of the goals when it comes to marketing. However not everything about your promotions should be built around them.  Bot generated followers and reach become quite distinguishable in the long run, and the final outcome is far from healthy.

Fix: Social media marketing is more than just likes and numbers. It is about building reputation, and creating a memorable brand image is a gradual process. Keeping your posts interactive, posting quality content, and connecting to your audience naturally is what needs to be done.


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