Corporate Sales Certifications

Corporate Sales outlines the best practices and processes for effective business-to-business (B2B) sales. It provides guidance on activities related to building strong business relationships; successfully working with other businesses to communicate the value of a company's products and services; conducting effective negotiations; and ensuring lead generation, qualification, follow-up and other related activities. SMstudy's Corporate Sales certifications confirm a working knowledge of a framework for effectively managing the corporate sales efforts in any organization.

  • Based on Corporate Sales, book four of the SMstudy® Guide
  • Recognized by top companies around the world
  • Free Corporate Sales Fundamentals Level Certification
  • Four levels of certifications available
  • Created from the collective insights of 40+ corporate sales experts
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Corporate Sales book

SMstudy® Guide – Corporate Sales

Corporate Sales, book four of the SMstudy® Guide provides a framework for use in the planning and execution of the Corporate Sales Strategy for a company's products and services. This body of knowledge has been created from the collective insights of 40+ experts and is applicable to companies of any size in all industries.

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