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SMstudy® subscription provides a unique opportunity for all Sales and Marketing enthusiasts, offering access to the largest collection of content in one place. SMstudy® works with experts from various facets of Sales and Marketing who offer relevant and insightful content in their field of expertise. These experts share their content in the SMstudy® ecosystem in the form of high-quality online courses available to all subscribers. Subscribers not only receive access to the comprehensive resources on Sales and Marketing but also can connect with each other and share knowledge.

For a nominal monthly fee, Sales and Marketing students have access to expert content on any topic related to Sales and Marketing with new courses added daily. This allows professionals and students around the world to stay updated on the latest trends in Sales and Marketing and also helps them develop expertise in the ¬field of their choice.

Key benefits of a SMstudy® Subscription

Access to high-quality, crowd-sourced content

A SMstudy® subscription offers access to numerous useful courses and resources developed by experts in different facets of the Sales and Marketing domain. These courses usually include high-quality videos, study guides, quizzes and other resources. Free subscriptions offer access to all free resources.

Complete reference for SMstudy® Certifications

Premium subscribers gain access to certi¬fication exams, in addition to crowd-sourced content.

Free SMstudy® Fundamentals Level Certifications

All subscribers receive access to SMstudy® Fundamentals Level Certifi¬cation courses and exams for free. An Associate course offers students the basics of any Aspect of Sales and Marketing.

Enhance and share Sales and Marketing knowledge

SMstudy® provides a platform to collaborate with other Sales and Marketing enthusiasts and to contribute to the growing pool of knowledge. With SMstudy® subscriptions, members can share, learn and improve.

Get recognized as an expert in Sales and Marketing

The top contributors to the SMstudy® community are recognized as Sales and Marketing experts on the SMstudy® website. This helps establish their presence in their field of expertise and opens up revenue opportunities


SMstudy® subscription includes access to the biggest and exclusive library of Sales and Marketing content and opportunity to collaborate with Sales and Marketing enthusiasts and experts around the globe.

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