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Do you have a great course on Sales and Marketing, but you’ve found it too expensive to reach a diverse global audience? As a part of the SMstudy® ecosystem, you can increase your reach to a much larger pool of students that includes college and university students, working professionals, business owners, other experts and anyone who wishes to hone their sales and marketing skills.

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Create and upload your courses

You can easily create your online courses through the easy-to-use cloud interface, the VMEdu Course Builder, which enables uploading of videos, test questions, flashcards, glossaries, case studies, study guides and more. You can upload courses and preview them at the same time.

You earn while they learn

SMstudy® invites experts in the field of Sales and Marketing to add to its ever-increasing library of courses. If you have an existing course or you would like to build one with your expertise, SMstudy® is the right platform for you. Earn money as students access your course ($1/month per student). The more high-quality courses you add to the SMstudy® library, the more you can earn.

Flexible delivery options and global reach

SMstudy® provides the best delivery mechanisms for your courses, including best-in-class mobile apps, high-end online courses and even physical/virtual classes. Courses built with the VMEdu Course Builder include engaging videos, illustrative case studies, simulated exams and more. Our multimodal delivery ensures that students around the globe can access courses anytime, anywhere.

Become associated with the Global Accreditation Body

SMstudy® is the Global Accreditation Body for Sales and Marketing certifications. SMstudy® offers comprehensive courses and certification programs based on the SMstudy® Guide (also referred to as The Sales and Marketing Body of Knowledge—SMBOK Guide). All of the courses and certifications offered by SMstudy® are considered valuable and are recognized in the sales and marketing industry as well as in academic circles. Adding your courses to the SMstudy® repository builds your credibility and provides access to a wide audience.

SMstudy® invests in enhancing your courses

SMstudy® constantly monitors feedback from students. Courses demonstrating positive feedback and subject relevancy are selected by SMstudy® for enhancements such as additional videos, case studies, questions or other resources. The cost will be incurred by SMstudy®. The enhanced courses can drive more revenue to you as more students access those courses.

Become recognized as a Subject Matter Expert and gain consultancy assignments

SMstudy® helps you market your expertise to the world, build a following and establish yourself as an authority in the Sales and Marketing community. Becoming a contributor to the SMstudy® community increases your opportunities for consultancy assignments from students and companies.