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Grow your training portfolio with minimal cost and generate additional revenue through SMstudy

  • Offer 20+ Certifications and Courses on Sales and Marketing
  • Receive up to 60% discount on all certifications
  • Minimal upfront investment
  • Partner with the leader
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Offer 20+ Certifications and Courses on Sales and Marketing

Teach classes, offer your students online courses and mobile apps and provide certifications (at up to 60% discounted prices) for any course offered by SMstudy®. SMstudy® has the best quality and most comprehensive learning resources and certifications for all aspects of sales and marketing such as Digital Marketing, Corporate Sales, Marketing Strategy, and Marketing Research. These resources include 3,000+ high-quality videos, multiple bodies of knowledge and books created by SMstudy, illustrative case studies, 4,000+ practice questions, study guides, classroom training material, online subscriptions, the SMstudy® mobile app and more.

Low Cost

VMEdu partner costs for courseware and study materials are significantly less than the effort required by the training partners to launch the training on their own. SMstudy® partners are also approved to teach courses for other VMEdu accreditation bodies such as Scrum and Agile (SCRUMstudy.com) and Six Sigma (6sigmastudy.com).

Best Quality

SMstudy® invests in creating the best-quality study materials and student experience in all websites and courses. Our partners have the ability to offer our best-in-quality training to students, with near–zero upfront investment. The online experience and physical classroom materials are “co-branded” with the logos of our partners.

Train-the-Trainer Resources

SMstudy® partners have the ability to scale to multiple training opportunities very quickly with minimal upfront investment. Regular free Train-the-Trainer sessions are conducted by SMstudy® to help partners train their faculty to successfully teach classes, even in subjects where they may not have prior teaching experience.


SMstudy® gives students the flexibility to learn the way they want to, using best-in-class mobile apps, online courses, physical classes, virtual instructor-led sessions, videos, case studies, and hybrid courses.

Customer Acquisition

SMstudy® is a leading name in the field of sales and marketing with a large number of students visiting its website regularly. Partnering with SMstudy® enables training providers to announce classes on the SMstudy® website and acquire students for their programs at no additional cost. Significant help is also provided to our partners in website creation and digital media marketing activities, such as providing standard web pages and blog articles that our partners can directly incorporate into their websites.

SaaS (Software as a Service) Business Model

SMstudy® runs on VMEdu's SaaS-based platform that allows all of our partners to pay-as-you-go to conduct training programs with minimal upfront investment. VMEdu's strong back-office capabilities help our partners easily manage their relationships and training requirements with VMEdu, Inc.