Advanced Personalizing Methods for Generating and Nurturing Leads

Posted by SMstudy® on September 14, 2018 | Digital Marketing (DM)

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Advanced Personalizing Methods for Generating and Nurturing Leads

Personalization is a commonly used technique in many marketing organizations. Moreover tactical and strategic techniques that are oriented at creating convenience and ease for customers are evolving fast. These are very frequently used by digital marketing organizations that are highly growth-driven.

With fast-paced and frequent changes in international business, customers are becoming smarter and do not rely on commonly structured content or salespersons. They directly ask for highly personalized web content which resonates with their requirements. The more personalization you have in your content, the more your sales numbers and lead generation increase.

Incorporate predictive analytics

Most marketing agencies happen to segment their potential buyers by using “Buyer Persona Data” and structure content based on previous actions taken by visitors. Advanced personalization techniques, on the other hand, are based on predictive analytics that revolves around the experiences of individual customers and considers customer data for forming, developing, and expanding interactions. These interactions are based on the context, unique history of a client, preferences, and intentions that are obtained from engagement data. The outcome of such a technique can assist customers in making an educated and well-informed decision which appeals to them on a personal level.

Use customer-Centric approach

Get rid of the conventional approach that is centered on the product and incorporate customer-centric approach which is all about advanced personalization and buyer forward strategies. Process and mindset are altered so that the preferences of the buyers can be prioritized. This will result in the revelation of requirements and issues encountered by customers. You can also consider the following aspects to create a customer-centric approach with advanced predictive analytics.

  • Collection of Data: Gather data which is derived from individual customer behavior.
  • Visited content: You need to consider the consumed content that is based on changes in behavioral engagement.
  • Channels: Pay attention to all the channels along with the touch points.
  • Context: Give priority to the buying phase of customers which also considers location and time of buying.
  • Uniqueness: Specify actions that are undertaken on the basis of a customer's intent.

Segmentation of your contacts and leads according to these aspects, calculating the trends in engagement and traffic, along with the creation of a predictive structuring framework for devising strategy would make the search experience simplistic and more convenient for customers. This will result in a prominent increase in the generation of leads and conversion rate.


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