Content writing: Basics that matter

Posted by SMstudy® on April 03, 2019 | Digital Marketing (DM)

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Content writing: Basics that matter

For the triers out there looking to master the art of content writing!

How many times has it happened that even after giving your best into an article piece, your write-up still carries a void within. A void that prevents your work from landing the perfect hit most of the times.

Well, it actually doesn’t mean the end of the road, not even close to be honest. Content writing is a skill that gets better with every attempt at writing. But as every other process, to be a PRO at one point in the future, today you have to set the fundamentals of it absolutely right in the first steps; no matter how small.

In this article we shall bring into focus the most vital basics in content writing that’ll help you develop a concrete foundation in the field and progress upon it.

1. Know the topic - Shots fired in the dark are always fun until you actually want to hit the target.  Every topic you write upon, it is an absolute mandate to check its current state of affairs, deduce an overall idea, and then start writing. Be sure of everything you are writing and confidently particularly about how and where you are heading.

2. Breakdown your article into various parts - A proper neat structure is as necessary as anything else while writing articles. It needs to have a head, a body (progression), and an end (can be non-decisive also).  A jumbled up article with no coherence (shall be discussed later), is always deprived of results.

3. Make your article breathable - The importance of space can never be overlooked in almost everything. When given two articles to read, where one is a long paragraph and the other is a well-spaced, divided into chunks article; anyone would read the later irrespective of how average it is or how good the first one is. A sensibly well-spaced article is easier to read and gains quick attention.

4. ‘You’ matter - While addressing your audience in your articles, use first person always (according to possibility of course). A ‘You’ creates an impression in audience’s heads that you are personally talking to them, addressing their problems. Who doesn’t love a bit of attention?

5. Coherence - As the article progresses, one statement should lead to another and together should form the entire work. If one point is coming out of the context to break monotony of the progress, it has to be layered down in the future to compliment the flow.  

With these points in mind start taking nimble steps towards content writing. As you develop around them, the flair in your articles would start growing.



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