COVID-19 - Silver Linings

Posted by SMstudy® on April 01, 2020 | Digital Marketing (DM)

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COVID-19 - Silver Linings

Mid-March-2020, the outspread of COVID -19 is global now. Cases of infections are being reported from all around the globe - Asia, The Americas, Europe, and the rest of the world.

This outspread has brought the whole world to a virtual stand-still, with most of the world under quarantine to prevent exposure from the deadly virus.

The result is a halt to all global events and operations. The global transportation industry, flights, and trains are being cancelled with no one willing to travel unless it’s an emergency. The hotels, restaurants, and businesses dependent on tourism face similar demand crisis.

Among all these doom and gloom, there is still some silver lining for a few sectors which have seen increased demand.

Businesses that are faring better

People all around the world are following up the safety and precautionary measures recommended by WHO. #StayAtHome has become the most trending hashtag across all social media platforms and self-imposed quarantine has become a must.

In such a scenario, the following business segments are seeing a growth in demand:

The hygiene Industry

The sale of sanitizer and hand-wash products have sky-rocketed in the past few months. Panic buying has resulted in black marketing also. This is an industry which is not going to see a slowdown in the foreseeable future. What is more, this pandemic is going to bring in behavioral change in our society with respect to personal hygiene.   

The Internet Service Providers

While quarantine becomes mandatory for citizens throughout the globe, the only mode of connectivity left for all is the internet. The reliance on internet was already like a basic necessity for many of us but now more and more people are completely dependent on internet to connect to the rest of the world, be it for work or for entertainment to pass time while being stuck at home.

Web-Conferencing Tools Industry

#WorkFromHome, is currently one of the most used hashtags on the internet and for a reason. In order to keep businesses running, organizations need to ensure that employees can still work and coordinate with each other. That is why there is a high demand for web-conferencing tools which could enable people to work remotely.

Online Learning and Certification Industry

For most working professionals, learning a new skill or getting an additional certification to improve their resume, has always been about finding time from their busy schedules.

Well, with people working from home and locked inside their homes, people can use this time to improve their skills and focus on self-development. This has opened demand for online courses and certifications. It’s not always that you get so much time to think for yourself at work!

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