Dear Educational Entrepreneurs, VMEdu is Here for You!

Posted by SMstudy® on March 02, 2016 | Project Management

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Dear Educational Entrepreneurs, VMEdu is Here for You!

Today’s entrepreneur must be an excellent builder. Build a brand, build a website, build a customer base, build a team, etc. etc. That’s a lot of building.

Luckily, we humans (entrepreneurs included) are natural problem solvers. We promptly come up with solutions to our predicaments and the right tools quickly follow.

For educators who’ve considered the life of an educational entrepreneur but haven’t found the right tools to build their courses (or dreams), the VMEdu Authorized Content Partner (V.A.C.P.) program is here to help.

The V.A.C.P program works with educators to build courses that are professional and offer students a valuable learning experience. Becoming a VMEdu Authorized Content Partner allows you to create and upload your courses through an easy-to-use cloud interface for free.

The VMEdu Cloud Learning Management System (LMS), built and tested over a period of seven years, is one of the best tools in the adult learning field. With the VACP program, educational entrepreneurs have access to course creation tools and assistance for a fraction of the cost of in-house production. In addition, VMEdu provides assistance for those with the desire to create educational materials but find themselves a bit “rusty” in the technical skills.

Along with helping to build courses, VMEdu will design a best-in-industry mobile app for each content partner at zero-cost for Android Phones if you have over 60 minutes of videos and $250 for iPhones.

The program also offers the opportunity to sell to VMEdu’s network of more than 800 Authorized Training Partners in more than 50 [J2] countries. Specifically, courses related to sales and marketing can be sold for additional revenue through SMstudy.com, VMEdu’s comprehensive guide to sales and marketing.  

As a VMEdu Authorized Content Partner educators can manage all student operations, financials and reporting through the user-friendly V.A.C.P. portal.

With the V.A.C.P. program, the opportunity to teach and share is closer than ever. The ease of the VMEdu platform and program guarantee that you can build the educational career you want. All the tools needed are waiting at VMEdu.com.  

For more on the benefits of joining the V.A.C.P. program, visit vmedu.com.

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