How IoT will help Digital Marketers in near future?

Posted by SMstudy® on September 25, 2018 | Digital Marketing (DM)

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How IoT will help Digital Marketers in near future?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical devices and appliances, connected through the Internet, enabling the collection of date and exchange of information in real-time.  IoT devices not only help in gaining access to the Internet via electronic devices but can also help in creating user databases. Digital marketers can track consumer behavior, lifestyle, demands, and the type of technology they use and also can provide them instant response through IoT devices. These devices not only help in efficient marketing but also save time and money.

Let’s discuss in brief how IoT technology can help digital marketers in the coming future:

Data analytics and SEO optimization

One of the most important functions of digital marketing is to conduct a detailed research of the target audience in order to create content. IoT technology helps in gathering information about consumer behavior, their interest areas as well as their needs. Digital marketers can also communicate with them to get in-depth insights into their requirements. As a result of this, on-page as well as off-page SEO can be done efficiently in less time.

Improved product development process

IoT devices can provide digital marketers with the latest demands as well as trends of consumers. This will help in improving product quality as well as planning for new products. 

Tracking of consumer lifestyle

Healthcare trackers, appointment scheduling devices, cab booking apps, and such similar applications give a perfect insight into a consumer’s day-to-day life. These devices provide you with the data that can track the regular lifestyle choices of consumers. Digital marketers can promote particular products or services according to the data collected.

Tracking the latest technology trends

IoT devices track web search data as well as the type of apps being used by consumers. This helps in tracking the needs and behavior of the targeted audience. This indirectly helps in generating keywords as well as preparing an efficient strategy to acquire them.

Better user experience

In case any company is about to promote its app or any type of online services, it can provide instant replies to queries. This not only promotes better user experience but also improves Google search ranking because of increased web traffic.


Increased advertising opportunities

With a large number of IoT appliances and gadgets being used daily, ads can be promoted to a large section of people. Also, relevant ads can be posted to the appliances used, for example a fitness supplement can be promoted through a fitness tracking device.

Apart from saving time and money, and executing an effective marketing strategy, the scope of this technology is set to increase in the future. More devices will emerge as people realize how such devices can help and improve daily activities. IoT technology will surely help digital marketers come up with innovative and creative ideas to execute their strategies.


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