Instagram Stories - The Best Way to Tell Your Brand Story

Posted by SMstudy® on February 13, 2018 | Digital Marketing (DM)

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Instagram Stories - The Best Way to Tell Your Brand Story

Instagram Stories have the capability of driving a ton of engagement and value, whether the story is being shared from a personal profile or a brand account. Stories are all about documenting what you see, what you do, and where you go. Your memorable moments are fodder for Instagram stories that make seconds-long videos that stay for 24 hours and display what’s going on with you.

To create your own story, open the Instagram app, and tap the camera icon placed on the top left-hand side of your phone. You can share a photo or video from your gallery or click a new one instantly.  Here are a few different options Instagram offers that can help you make your brand story more engaging -

Live - You can start filming and broadcasting live by simply toggling your screen to the "Live" option. Just like Facebook Live, your followers can view you live and express their views as comments. When the broadcasting is done, you can decide whether to save it or let the video disappear. You also have the option to share your story for another 24 hours.

Normal - Just like the name suggests, the normal mode lets you capture and share an image or a video. To do that, tap the camera icon under this option to click a photo, or hold it down to record a video. The maximum length of your Instagram Story should be 15 seconds. So, if you want to share a video that doesn’t fit this 15-second cut, you can either record it in 15-second stints or split it into 15-second sections using any video splitting tool.

Boomerang - In boomerang mode, you can film three-second, looping GIFs. 

Superzoom - This awesome feature offers a video recording lens with which you can quickly zoom in on your subject. The video length is three seconds and the camera zooms in real close. The interesting part of this feature is that you can add a dramatic soundtrack to play alongside your video.

Rewind - This is another unique feature by Instagram that can help you make your content look more stylized and creative. With this lens, you can film a video footage in reverse.

Stop Motion - This creative option offered by Instagram helps you weave several still images into one continuous video. The cool stop-motion videos created as a result give the impression of a flip book.

Hands-Free - Before you use this feature, make sure you prop your phone in a steady position. Once you’re all set, call ‘action’ to start filming a video hands-free.

Use these features to tell your brand story to your audience. Before sharing, make your story all the more exciting with stickers, location, and hashtags. You can also use poll stickers - a very creative technique to interact with your followers. There’s a lot more that Instagram offers. So, keep clicking and see how you can leverage on the latest updates from the app to tell your story in the most unique way.

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