Latest trends on Digital Marketing: A look ahead for the year 2019

Posted by SMstudy® on November 09, 2018 | Digital Marketing (DM)

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 Latest trends on Digital Marketing: A look ahead for the year 2019

The year 2018 has seen drastic changes in the user’s behavior, due to which various digital marketing platforms have upgraded their algorithm. Prompting Digital marketers to change their strategies. The social media platforms, video marketing continue to dominate in lead generation whereas Amazon has become one of the most preferred digital marketing platforms with an introduction to new digital services feature.

Here we will discuss the trends which are going to be the hotcakes for digital marketing in the year 2019.


Facebook marketing

Advertising on Facebook is still a popular trend. Posting engaging pictures, updating status, uploading live videos about your brand are still going to attract a good number of audiences. As the number of users has drastically increased. However, in terms of Facebook ads, it might cost you more but its worth to invest. The main challenge that you are going to face is its algorithm, over a past year there have been frequent upgrades in its algorithm.


Instagram  marketing

Unlike Facebook, Instagram is also one of the good social media platforms to promote your business. However, the algorithm has got tougher to get the organic traffic. You can no longer grow traffic by just posting random things from your account. There is tough competition on Instagram with so many different businesses adapting to Instagram marketing. So in order to grow your brand on Instagram, you need to have high-quality content, using trending hash tags relevant to your business, and most importantly sticking to the niche. There are a variety of niches which you will find in Instagram, you need to finalize the niche relevant to your business and stick to it. This will help you in gaining good traffic.


Influencer marketing

This trend has generated excellent results for the businesses over the past year. This year it is still going to dominate, as users are more inclined towards YouTube influencers as well as Instagram influencers. Small companies or new entrepreneurs can also use this trend to advertise their business as influencers with over 10,000 subscribers can also give you good results.


Video marketing

It is the next best thing to get to know somebody in person. The audience gets a chance to engage with you, get to know about your brand, what you have to offer as per your products and services. With the increase in the number of users in Smartphone devices, the videos are getting more popular as people prefer videos when they use their mobile devices. Uploading videos with captions is also a great idea as some people prefer to watch video mute or in less volume and just read the captions. This type of marketing will give quick results and you will see the significant number of viewers as well as subscribers to your video within a few days of upload.



It is one of the greatest platforms in recent time. Most of the people have not much idea about it. You can not only just sell your products physically in Amazon, but also can use its new digital services feature. This new feature helps you to sell your products organically. You could generate organic traffic and your brand will become a recognized one, as this platform is one of the leading e-commerce business websites.


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