Metrics to analyze the Brand Presence on Social Media

Posted by SMstudy® on April 29, 2021 | Digital Marketing (DM)

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Metrics to analyze the Brand Presence on Social Media

The need of the hour for companies is to create a strong brand image. Brand presence on social media helps improves the relationship between the brand and the customers.

Companies must analyze the kind of relationships they are building with consumers across the social media platforms to ensure that they are aligned with the overall metrics and targets for social media performance. Let us look at some of the relevant metrics that companies can use to assess the effectiveness of various social media platforms in improving their brand image:

1. Number of clicks:

This is one of the metrics a company can use to check whether or not the customers are responsive to their posts on social media. This metric represents the number of clicks within content shared by the company. These links may take users to the company’s website, to a company page within a social media platform, or to a resource or asset shared by the company. Such clicks indicate that users considered the company’s updates interesting enough to click on links within those updates.


2. Number of Likes and Comments:

This metric represents the number of replies and comments that the company’s content has generated. These replies and comments may be directed to the company asking for more information or providing feedback; they may also be discussions among the target audience members who are inspired by the content that the company has shared. A high number of replies and comments generally indicate a strong engagement with the target audience. However, care must be taken to ensure that negative and irrelevant comments and replies are addressed promptly and appropriately.


3.  Number of shares:

This metric represents the number of times content provided by the company is shared by its customers or subscribers. Consumers share content they like or find useful; thus, a high number of shares indicates that a large number of customers or potential customers perceive the company as helpful and knowledgeable and, by extension, may be more likely to purchase the company’s products or services.

These are some of the most common metrics that help companies to analyze the effectiveness of their presence on social media. The brands need to be active on such platforms so that they can address negative comments, stop spread of negativity,  and motivate the audience to make their content go viral and  increase sales of their products. 


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