PWA : Making Marketing Easier!

Posted by SMstudy® on January 23, 2019 | Digital Marketing (DM)

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PWA : Making Marketing Easier!

Digital marketing is all set to get more efficient as marketing practitioners look out for more number of ways to woo online users. It is most likely that the marketing budget of a number of companies will shift in favour of digital marketing, resulting in an overall spend of close to $118 billion by 2021.

The onset of various digital marketing techniques and avenues is literally huge, and to determine where and how to be gainfully employed is extremely challenging, especially when your own company is at stake. According to marketing experts, one of the digital marketing trends that is worth investing your time and money in for the year ahead is Progressive Web App (PWA).

Mobile usage is growing and the consumption of data and content through mobile is growing at an even faster rate. Furthermore, a report by PayPal and Google also suggests that in 2020, two-thirds of e-commerce trading is going to be via smartphones.

So, how does it actually work? Progressive Web App is basically a web app that delivers an app-like experience to consumers using latest web adequacies. These apps can work to offer multiple deploy objectives for all your consumers. You can easily set up your app as a Progressive web app or even as a Native app, and enjoy benefits of both the channels. Progressive Web Apps can usually be accessed through URLs and arranged by search engines while deploying to servers.

With no regard to browser choice, in the scramble to be more noticeable, your web app must prove to be effective for every consumer as it is constructed with progressive augmentation as a core principle. To make your web app more responsive, you need to supplement app functionalities with better support to work even on poor quality networks and offline as well.

Progressive Web App is a process of creating your own website on a singular holistic platform. You can also add the website to your homepage so that even when you are not online, you get to access the content faster. Also, you will be able to push notifications to the consumer without facing any difficulty. These apps further increase and improve downloads, consuming less space than any other normal app. Therefore, integrating PWAs with the business ecosystem is definitely going to be the next big trend that marketers need to watch out for.


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