Reinvent Your Marketing Skills Now!

Posted by SMstudy® on March 29, 2020 | Digital Marketing (DM)

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Reinvent Your Marketing Skills Now!

It is well documented that the future of digital marketing would be a whole new ball game than the one in play today! While most of them might just make their way into the future easily, some of them might just disappear without a trace, which reinforces the fact that digital marketing is an ever-changing field.

Digital marketing needs to be more targeted and personalized, and is characterized by extremely creative marketing tactics. It is high time you polish up your current marketing strategies and assess them as per their relevance in future.

Here are some of the marketing ideas that may not survive the future:

Marketing Automation:

Recent changes to marketing strategies have increased their dependence on automation. As a result, brands have been losing their human touch. This is proving to be counter-productive, as constant customer feedback and human touch are the most significant prerequisites for ushering innovative trends in digital marketing. The significance of having a personal touch to your marketing ideas has never been this clear.

Run-of-the-mill Blogging: 

This might take you back to the times when internet used to have the dial-up connection and was majorly influenced by short and ordinary blogs. Talking about numbers, there wasn’t any scarcity, but pertaining to depth, there was definitely a massive gap. You’ll find that most of the posts were ambiguous and off the point. Things have changed a lot since then and currently, customers have become more demanding and discriminating. Nowadays, it all revolves around quality and not quantity.

Longer Video Ads:

The multinational giant YouTube has marked its preference for short video ads. Their analytics clearly show that shorter videos create more impact on viewers rather than the longer ones. People do not want to spend too much time going through long videos. Therefore, if your brand is planning to design video ads, just make sure to woo the viewers in seconds because attention span of online users is diminishing.

Text Optimization: 

The way online content is being optimized has also gone through a major change. The guiding principles of optimization have been replaced through time. The perils of over-optimization have to be kept in mind as well. It’s necessary to understand that text-only content, although important, may not be sufficient. One definitely needs to consider optimizing images and videos as well.

‘One size fits all’; no longer works. It is about personalization. The future of digital marketing will be thus based on your potential to draw your target audience and offer them personalized content.

The future demands an overhaul in your marketing techniques and this is the best time to reinvent the way you approach online marketing.

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