The art of connecting with your digital audience

Posted by SMstudy® on February 13, 2019 | Digital Marketing (DM)

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The art of connecting with your digital audience

Sure there are hundreds of Digital Marketing firms available for you to choose from, each making numerous promises in terms of results that would be best for your business. Amongst all the promises that a firm can offer, the one thing that no one can offer better than yourself, is developing a connection with your audience; simply put, no one understands your services as well neither can they be as convincing about it.

All the paid page advertisements and post advertisements work fine, but relying on spends every time to reach out to audience, is not exactly what defines a healthy digital presence.

So what exactly defines a healthy digital or online presence?

Well, the word at the very foundation of a healthy digital presence is ‘Unpaid’ or ‘Organic’reach.

For a social media page to be established on the web, it is necessary for it to reach its audience without any sponsoring. Of course for a page that is fairly new, it is not possible to have a following as such at the beginning itself, but the objective is to be so efficient with ads and social media page practices that one reaches that stage.

Apart from placing the most efficient of ads, your brand’s interaction with its audience over digital channels is the key element here. Most posts when sponsored throughout the platform, generally gain the reach and number, statistically speaking; but what makes an onlooker look out for your content the next time, is what we are going to enlist below. The factors to consider each time, every time, for a brand with a vision to become a social media giant.

1. Relatable posts - Creating a post whether informational or abstract, it is necessary to remember that you are designing or creating it for your audience. Firstly they need to understand the data, then comes the part where they appreciate the presentation of it.

Too mainstream they will overlook and too complex and they will pass. Finding the space in between is the key.

2. Attention to feedback - The feedback your audience provides in accordance to your brand, observe them closely. If not to all, reply to some.

In today’s age people post their satisfaction and frustration about a service quite openly on social media. It matters because other people before opting for your services have a quick look through your customer reviews.

Also, replying to your audience helps in making them believe that their voices are heard; nothing better to develop a connection.

3. Involvement of audience in promotions

For every offer that you plan, organize simple online contests for your audience to participate. Add brand related incentives, luring enough for them to participate and try winning. This helps in spreading a positive word amongst the ‘netizens’ regarding the prizes to be won, and hence spreading the brand name all over.

These are a simple list of practices with a significant impact potential!

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