Use Your Twitter Profile to Deliver the Best Customer Service

Posted by SMstudy® on January 24, 2018 | Digital Marketing (DM)

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Use Your Twitter Profile to Deliver the Best Customer Service

The face of customer service has gone through a radical change over the last few years. Today, customers don’t want to wait in long queues and want their issues to be solved in seconds! They prefer customer service through online platforms over traditional methods.

As a brand in today’s age, you would definitely have an active social media presence to promote your offerings and entice customers to buy your products and/or service. So, why not take advantage of these platforms to provide customer service as well?

Twitter for Customer Service

Twitter is just 11 years into its existence. Is it capable of providing the best customer service? Let’s check out -

  • Twitter data is a treasure house of valuable customer and marketing data. It can provide insights on trending products and services, customer opinions, customer likes and dislikes, and customer feedback; and also resolve critical issues.
  • Using Twitter, you can effectively integrate social data into your existing CRM. 
  • With an active Twitter account, you can respond to queries privately, through direct messages or publically, via tweets.
  • Providing customer service through Twitter is way cheaper than providing it through a call center. You can economize on infrastructure, issue resolution, market research, and provide customer satisfaction easily with your Twitter profile.

How to use Twitter for Customer Service?

Now that you’ve understood the potential of Twitter for customer service, you can use it for your own business. However, with Twitter’s crowd and clutter rising day-by-day, it might be difficult to make yourself heard. So, here are a few ways you can use Twitter as a customer service tool, effectively -

  • Be Proactive - Your Twitter handle isn’t enough for you to get noticed. Let your audience know how you can help them via your account. Provide links to your current 'Help' and ‘FAQs’ pages on your Twitter account to help customers understand that you are aware of the issues they face.
  • Be Positive - See and learn from how leading brands handle different types of queries. Issues can take an ugly turn and create a bad brand image.
  • Host Events - Keep your customer intrigued by organizing live events, chats, contests, giveaways, and more. Make sure to create a hashtag for your event, promote it on other platforms, tweet when users are most likely to be online, and display Twitter walls.
  • Keep Tab of Mentions - Keep a track of what content from your website is being shared and the users who share it, to handle issues in a proactive manner and promote your brand effectively.

Twitter can help you create an instant impact and provide the best customer service. Once you’ve mastered this versatile platform, you can go ahead and try other social networks to see what suits your business the best.

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