Ways to create an impressive landing page

Posted by SMstudy® on November 28, 2018 | Digital Marketing (DM)

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Ways to create an impressive landing page

Industries have opted for online marketing campaigns instead of using conventional platforms. This has made it increasingly important for businesses to create impressive and highly functional business websites for their companies.

When it comes to attracting more number of potential customers, the significance of an attractive landing page cannot be ignored. A landing page is where any visitor arrives after clicking an ad of any business website. Landing pages are customized according to varying offers which are important for facilitating high-quality user experience for visitors. It is due to good user experience that visitors avail products and services which add value to businesses.

One of the popular questions that people in the digital community ask is how to create an impressive landing page for their website. It is an undisputable fact that your landing page needs to be persuasive for that matter. Here are some ways that will help you to create an impressive landing page for your website:

Have a neat design

The feel, look, and overall interface of your landing page have a significant impact on the user experience. This is what influences the conversions too. The key objective of designing a landing page must be to make it easier for converting a visitor into a customer. Hence, all aspects of the page must be oriented towards the goal of conversion.

Use smart options of color and images to attract visitors. Ensure that there is a good contrast between the background and the icons on the landing page. Check the size, color, and placement of the elements of your landing page to get the most visually effective layout.

Keep it simple yet informative

Ensure a clean landing page with natural navigation with no interference of the pop-ups. Provide all the important information that is essential for encouraging the conversion of the visitors. Do not forget to maintain the simplicity of the interface. Use of bullet points will help the visitors go through the content in a faster and more convenient way. You can use videos on the landing pages to make it faster and interesting for users to get important information.

Use trust signals

Trust signals can help visitors in gaining the trust regarding their brands. You can use different forms of trust signals such as “Like” counters, “Guarantee”, “Association Trust Signals”, “Social Proof” which have a great impact on the buying behavior of visitors.


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