Word-of-Mouth: Subtle Technique to Augment Customer Experience

Posted by SMstudy® on December 07, 2018 | Digital Marketing (DM)

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Word-of-Mouth: Subtle Technique to Augment Customer Experience

Long before social media came into picture, word-of-mouth was the holy grail for sharing and learning valuable information. This substantiates the fact that word-of-mouth is the oldest yet most effective form of marketing. 

Word-of-mouth can be an highly persuasive resource in your line of business to maximize your reach to the audience. It not only ensures garnering interest of potential clients, but it also gets everyone talking just as the name connotes. 

A recent study by a technological magazine revealed that before buying any product, about 62% of consumers search online for relevant information and reviews, and a walloping 90% depend on brand recommendations from family and friends. 

With the technological leap this generation has seen in such a short span, it is necessary to comprehend the significance of recommendations, reviews, and ratings when it comes to outlining your brand’s marketing strategy. To implement word-of-mouth marketing into your strategy, you can kick off with the following actionable tactics. 

Promote User-Generated Content (UGC) 

Encouraging user-generated content (UGC) serves as a really good indicator of the overall quality of a service or product. It will help your brand build trust and give marketing practitioners extra collateral to do business with. Depending on the fact that it is totally fair, UGC videos will increase the effectiveness of sales. 

Share Customer Reviews 

Sharing customer reviews is a powerful tool that bigger marketing firms should incorporate into their word-of-mouth marketing strategy. After all, there must be a reason to call it social proof! This will help your brand to assure your clients about the genuiniety of your claims. They would be more comfortable working with you. Once you get reviews, it will be easy for you to regenerate them. 

Get Ratings Directly on your Site 

You must provide people with the facility of rating or reviewing specific products and services directly on your website depending on your business model. Especially for e-commerce websites, it is profitable to scrape hundreds of responses together to make data-driven decisions and to increase leads, in a jiffy! 

Tempt your Customers 

When it comes to reviewing some sort of value in return, be it big or small, users are more likely to invest their time and faith on your business website. The odds are extremely low for Word-of-mouth marketing to fail if you offer your trusted users a reason to share their experiences with others. 

For your customers to have an exclusive experience, the easiest way to generate anticipation for your brand is to integrate these Word-of-mouth marketing techniques into your new lead gen tactics today. Don’t wait! 

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